Sonic Is Doing His Usual Job But This Time With Toe Jam And Earl,They Are Having Lots Of Fun Throwing Glass Bottles At Bypassers. Sonic Then Says "This Is The Best Fucking Job Ever". He Then Asks How Much Money He`ll Get Payed. They Then Reply "A Billion Trillion Funkatron Bucks" . Sonic Then Asks What The Conversion Rate Is

They Then Reply "A Zillion US Dollars" Sonic Is Pleased By This And Ends Up Shouting "Sonic Is Back Sonic Is Back" We Then See Him In Reailty,In A Drunk State With Tails Shouting His Name Several Times. Sonic Then Explains He Got His Rent Money And Then Some, Tails Then Explains He Dropped Acid 4 Days Ago And Wandered Off. Sonic Then States That Tails Got Him The Job With Toe Jam And Earl And For Them To Back Him Up But I Reality He Is Talking To A Garbage Bag And Buster Chair. Tails Then Says They Need To Get The Hell Out Of Here Because The Cops Will Have Questions For Him. Sonic Then Sees That He Actually Killed People On The Street In His Drunk State,They Then Leave.



Tails:"Dude What The Fuck Are You Talking About You Dropped Acid 4 Days Ago And Wandered Off"

Tails:"Yeah Garbage Bag And Buster Chair Do You Have Anything To Add?"


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